Production and sale of ion-exchange substrates for growing plants TM ZION
Ionitoponics technology

Natural substrate without nitrates for efficient plants nutrition

Ionic substrate ZION provides intensive plant growth, fast development of the root system, increases the yield of greens, vegetables and fruits, reduces the time of ripening. Promotes early and long-term blossom of garden flowers. ZION can be used both independently and as corrective additives to any soil (depleted and degraded soils, sand, perlite, vermiculite, unbalanced soil of any composition, etc.).

  • User friendly (add once and simply pour by regular tap water);
  • Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil;
  • Suitable for growing of any kinds of plants.

ZION was developed jointly with the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus based on ionitoponics principles. Ionitoponics technology. Patent № 2626772 from 11/16/2017

Environment friendly
Based on 100% natural material. Does not contain nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, growth accelerators and hormones.
Intensive plant growth
Could be achieved by adding from 2% of the ion exchange substrate ZION (1-2 tbsp/liter) to the soil
No root burn
Contributes to the enhanced development of the root system. Overdosing is impossible!
Improves soil fertility
Addition of ZION even to barren sand makes it comparable in terms of nutrients with the best peat soil.

First ionite substrates was developed in 1960th as a part of USSR space program to be used for plants growing in space shuttles to feed astronauts with fresh greens and vegetables during long-term missions. Initially ionite substrates were created based on ion-exchange polymers. The synthetic ion-exchangers were very efficient but quite expensive and could not be promoted on mass market. Nowadays, ionitoponics technology was adapted to modern needs of agriculture. It could be used for private farming, greenhouses, plant nurseries, indoor plant growing, household plots, etc. Ionite substrate ZION based on 100% natural matrix consists of full spectrum of nutrients required for efficient plant growth perfectly fits to consumer market by both shelf price and functionality. To make you more familiar with the product and history of the ZION creation we invite you to join exciting scientific journey of Vladimir Soldatov, the founder of ionitoponics technology and brilliant scientist in following movie.

Exhibition “Fazenda”

April 24-28, 2019, the company ZION Rus took part in the exhibition Fazenda (Moscow, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center)