About Ion-Exchange Substrates

Ionite substrate ZION was developed jointly with the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus based on ionitoponics principles.

Ion exchange soil is an innovative nutrient medium for growing plants containing the whole list of substances needed for efficient plants growth. These substances are associated with either natural ion-exchangers or synthetic carriers, called ionites.

Ionite substrates are not fertilizers. They work on completely different principles. Substrates look like a highly concentrated composition of nutrients immobilized on insoluble matrix where the ratio of nutrients preliminary optimized to fit particular plants needs. Unlike fertilizers, plants can perfectly grow on a 100% ion-exchange substrate without the risk of “root burn”.

Applications of ionite substrates:

  • Indoor plants growing and horticulture;
  • Growing seedlings and rooting cuttings;
  • Growing greens in small and medium-sized greenhouses;
  • Adaptation of plants when planting material for cloning were obtained from tissue and cell cultures;
  • Phytodesign: the rapid formation of a lawn, vertical gardening, etc;
  • Growing plants in mini-greenhouses for remote settlements in hard-to-reach places (Arctic, Northern Siberia, etc.);
  • Remediation of irreversibly depleted and degraded soils, acceleration of the process of soil formation on barren soils;
  • Plant cultivation in botanical research – as a standard nutrient medium with reproducible and controlled chemical composition.

Advantages of Zion ionite substrates

  • Environmental friendly
    Made of 100% natural material. Does not contain pesticides, herbicides, growth accelerators and phytohormones. Prevents uncontrolled leaching of minerals introduced into the soil.
  • Intensive plant growth
    The effect of increasing the growth of biomass is achieved by introducing from 2% of ZION to the soil
  • Remediation of any soil
    Ionite substrate can be used both independently and as small corrective additives to any medium (depleted and degraded soils, sand and unbalanced soil of any composition).
  • Productive for up to 3 years
    The material withstands several cycles of regeneration directly in the soil.
  • No overdosing
    Direct contact with the root system is allowed. Root burn impossible.
  • Fit to any kind of plants
    Greens, vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers are perfectly grown using ZION substrates

Ionite substrates in detail:

Download “Zion Ionic Substrate General Overview EN_CN”

Download “可高效培育作物的离子交换培养基”