The planting of petunias, basil and pelargonium in the agro-industrial complex “Voskresensky” (Moscow region)

On March, 2018 agro-industrial complex “Voskresenskoye” applied ionite substrate ZION for the cultivation of the following crops:

1. Petunia (Hybrid)
2. Purple Basil (Ocimum basillicum)
3. Pelargonium

From 2 to 5% of the ZION substrate was added to neutralized peat soil. As a control batch, peat soil mixed with regular mineral fertilizers and hydrogel was used. During the test, the plants in the control batch were regularly fed with pre-prepared fertilizers solutions. There were no fertilization provided to the plants growing on peat soil with the additives of ZION substrate. Irrigation was carried out with regular tap water.

Based on the test results, the following conclusions can be made:

1. For Purple Basil (Ocīmum basilīicum) and Pelargonium implementation of ionite substrates ZION lead to result comparable to the professionally fertilized control batch with a much simpler growing procedure comparing to the routine approach (no complicated fertilization scheme needed for the efficient growth of plants, just proper watering), no special skills for growing these plants required using ZION substrates.

2. Application of ionite substrates ZION for Petunia (Hybrid) growing leads to more compact development of the green mass and active blossom of the plants in comparison with control samples grown according to the classic approach.