Lettuce planting in the greenhouses “Alliance” (Privolzhsk, Ivanovo region)

Greenhouse farm “Alliance” planted in a greenhouse of lettuce seeds using ion-exchange substrate ZION.

To show the efficiency of the substrate ZION two batches of lettuce was planted in parallel. In the first batch a peat soil with the addition of ZION was used. In the second batch, the same peat soil with additives of a standard fertilizer set.

Key results:

The report confirms that LLC “Alliance” from June to August 2017 was planted lettuce from the seeds in their own greenhouse applying ZION Universal ionite substrate.

To control the efficiency of ZION substrate there were planted two batches of lettuce. Standard cassettes for 144 cells each were used.
1st batch included 100 cassettes with regular peat soil (TM “AgroBalt”) mixed with ZION Universal substrate in the proportions of 2, 3 and 5 percent of the cell volume.

2nd batch was planted as a control and included 900 cassettes with the same regular peat soil (TM “AgroBalt”) as was used in 1st batch.
For the first batch, only irrigation was carried out (no fertilization at all), in the second batch, the routine scheme of fertilization was used.

As a result, the following data were obtained:

– lettuce grown on mixture of peat soil with ZION substrate without any fertilization has reached the parameters required for transplantation into the open ground (individual plant weight, length of leaves, root system development, etc) for 9 days before the lettuce from control batch grown on regular peat soil with an appropriate fertilization. Routine growing cycle of lettuce till transplantation lasts 27 days. Using ZION substrate it was shortened up to 18 days;

– the cost of implemented ZION substrate was 2 times less than the total cost of fertilizers used for the control batch growing;

– for first vegetation of lettuce no differences between plants by 2%, 3%, 5% substrate was observed. Two percent of ZION is supposed to be enough at least for one vegetation cycle.;

Based on the foregoing LLC “Alliance” recommends application of a ZION Universal ionite substrate for growing seedlings of greeneries.

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