ZION “Cosmo”

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Plastic container.
Designed for a volume of 30-35 liters of soil

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  • Can be used for all kind of indoor flowers
  • Indoor plants growing and horticulture;
  • Growing seedlings and rooting cuttings;
  • Growing greens in small and medium-sized greenhouses;
  • Adaptation of plants when planting material for cloning were obtained from tissue and cell cultures;
  • Phytodesign: the rapid formation of a lawn, vertical gardening, etc;
  • plants in mini-greenhouses for remote settlements in hard-to-reach places (Arctic, Northern Siberia, etc.);
  • Remediation of irreversibly depleted and degraded soils, acceleration of the process of soil formation on barren soils;
  • Plant cultivation in botanical research – as a standard nutrient medium with reproducible and controlled chemical composition.
  • Environmental friendly
  • Made of 100% natural material. Does not contain pesticides, herbicides, growth accelerators and phytohormones.
  • Prevents uncontrolled leaching of minerals introduced into the soil.
  • Intensive plant growth
  • The effect of increasing the growth of biomass is achieved by introducing from 2% of ZION to the soil Remediation of any soil
  • Ionite substrate can be used both independently and as small corrective additives to any medium (depleted and degraded soils, sand and unbalanced soil of any composition).
  • Productive for up to 10 years
  • The material withstands several cycles of regeneration directly in the soil.
  • No overdosing
  • Direct contact with the root system is allowed. Root burn impossible.
  • Fit to any kind of plants
  • Greens, vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers are perfectly grown using ZION substrates