ZION “For Orchids”

20.90 incl. VAT

Plastic container.
It is designed for a volume of 30-35 liters. soil

Description: ZION FOR ORCHIDS ionite nutrient substrate creates and maintains optimal conditions for harmonious growth and full development of all types of orchids. It promotes formation of a strong root system, new shoots, recovery of damaged plants, as well as abundant and long flowering of orchids. ZION can be efficiently used as a nutritious supplement to any base (foam glass, pine bark, etc).
  • Ideally balanced nutrition for orchids at any stage of growth.
  • Recommended for direct contact with the root system. Overdose and root burn are impossible.
  • Promotes adaptation and survival of plants after transplanting.
  • Based on natural mineral (zeolite) and environmentally friendly.
  • It is not a mineral fertilizer. ZION does not contain nitrates, phytohormones, pesticides, herbicides and growth accelerants.
Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil (e.g. rich black soil). It retains productivity for up to 3 years. ZION FOR ORCHIDS can be used to provide the plant with a balanced set of nutrients at any stage of its life cycle. The plant will not need any additional feeding during the lifetime of the ZION substrate. Method of application: Add ZION FOR ORCHIDS to the root zone of the plant, gently distribute it over the volume of the container, pour with water. Recommended amount: 1-2 table spoons for 1 plant. There are no restrictions or limitations on the amount of applied substrate. The addition of a larger amount of substrate will only increase the effect and extend the substrate lifetime.