ZION “Fruit & Berry”

19.20 incl. VAT

Plastic container.
It is designed for a volume of 30-35 liters. soil

The ionite nutrient substrate ZION for fruit and berry crops creates and maintains optimal conditions for harmonious growth and abundant fruiting of fruit and berry bushes and trees. Reduces stress during transplanting, ensures maximum survival rate of seedlings. Promotes the formation of a strong root system, the formation of new shoots. Increases the plant's resistance to low ambient temperatures. ZION can be used both independently and in the form of corrective additives to any bases (depleted and degraded soils, sands, perlite, vermiculite, unbalanced soil of any composition, etc.).
  • Provides optimal conditions for harmonious growth and abundant fruiting of fruit trees and shrubs.
  • Normalizes the soil pH level.
  • Reduces transplant stress and maximizes seedling survival.
  • Recommended for direct contact with the root system.
  • Made on the basis of a natural mineral, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil. Productive up to 3 years.
  • It is not a mineral fertilizer, does not contain nitrates, phytohormones, pesticides, herbicides and growth accelerators.
Application methods: When planting seedlings: dust the root ball of the plant with an ion-exchange substrate ZION, add ZION to the pre-planting hole and mix with the soil. Recommended ratio: 300-400 g of substrate per 1 seedling up to 1 m high. When feeding fruit trees and bushes: mix ZION with soil in a 1: 1 ratio, make punctures 30-40 cm deep along the perimeter of the plant's trunk circle with rotational movements at an angle of 45 degrees using any pointed object. Pour the mixture into the resulting wells and pour over with water. When grafting: mix the ion-exchange substrate Zion with the previously prepared soil in a proportion of 100-150 g of substrate per 1 liter of soil. Plant the cutting, water and cover with foil or covering material. There is no limit on the amount of substrate applied. The introduction of a larger amount of the substrate will only increase the efficiency of its work and extend its useful life.